Sjogren’s Syndrome Clinical Trial Listing

Below, I have attempted to capture and maintain a list of current clinical trials that are relevant to SS patients. This information comes from open trials on For some background on clinical trials, check out this post.

The table below can be sorted using the table column headers, and filtered on keywords across all columns.

Columns are as follows:

  • Trial Name – The supplied name of the clinical trial.
  • Recruitment – Recruitment status (Recruiting, Not yet recruiting).
  • Interventions – The treatment being offered. Trials without treatments are Observational.
  • Phases – Three phases are required for approval. Phase 3 trials are the final phase.
  • Locations – The countries or regions where the trial is conducted. Trials with more than two regions are Worldwide.
  • Sites – The number of different trial sites within the indicated locations.
  • End – The anticipated completion date for the trial.

If you notice any errors or missing trials, please let me know.

Trial NameInterventionsPhasesRecruitmentLocationsSitesEnd
Cyclosporine A in the TReatment of Interstitial Pneumonitis Associated With Sjogren's SyndromeDrug: Cyclosporin A|Drug: Prednisone|Drug: Placebo|Drug: Calcium carbonate DPhase 4Not yet recruitingN/AN/AMar-16
Effect of Pilocarpine in Patients With XerostomiaDrug: Pilocarpine|Other: Spray without PilocarpinePhase 4RecruitingBrazil1Jul-17
Efficacy and Safety of Abatacept in Patients With Primary Sj̦gren's SyndromeDrug: Abatacept SCPhase 3RecruitingNetherlands1Feb-18
An Extension Study of KCT-0809 in Dry Eye Patients With Sj̦gren's SyndromeDrug: KCT-0809 ophthalmic solutionPhase 3RecruitingJapan1Apr-18
Laser Therapy to Treat the Dry Mouth of Sjogren's SyndromeDevice: Lasertherapy|Device: Sham LasertherapyPhase 3RecruitingBrazil1Jun-16
A Phase III Study of KCT-0809 in Dry Eye Patients With Sj̦gren's SyndromeDrug: KCT-0809 ophthalmic solution|Drug: PlaceboPhase 3RecruitingJapan1Jun-17
Efficacy of Tocilizumab in Primary Sj̦gren's Syndrome.Drug: Tocilizumab|Drug: PlaceboPhase 2|Phase 3RecruitingFrance1Jan-17
Induction of Regulatory t Cells by Low Dose il2 in Autoimmune and Inflammatory DiseasesDrug: Interleukin 2Phase 2RecruitingFrance10Aug-18
Preventive Approach to Congenital Heart Block With HydroxychloroquineDrug: HydroxychloroquinePhase 2RecruitingUSA1Dec-18
A Phase 2a, Randomized, Placebo Controlled, Study to Evaluate the Safety and Efficacy of AMG 557/MEDI5872 in Primary Sj̦gren's SyndromeBiological: AMG 557/MEDI5872|Other: PlaceboPhase 2RecruitingUSA, Europe14Jul-17
Safety, Pharmacokinetics and Preliminary Efficacy Study of CFZ533 in Patients With Primary Sj̦gren's SyndromeDrug: CFZ533 active - Cohort 1|Drug: CFZ533 placebo- Cohort 1|Drug: CFZ533 active - Cohort 2|Drug: CFZ533 placebo - Cohort 2Phase 2RecruitingUSA, Europe13Feb-17
Safety and Efficacy Study of Subcutaneous Belimumab and Intravenous Rituximab Co-administration in Subjects With Primary Sjogren's SyndromeDrug: Belimumab|Drug: Rituximab|Drug: Placebo belimumab|Drug: Placebo rituximabPhase 2RecruitingCanada, Europe29Oct-18
Safety, Pharmacokinetics, and Preliminary Efficacy Study of CDZ173 in Patients With Primary Sj̦gren's SyndromeDrug: CDZ173|Drug: PlaceboPhase 2Not yet recruitingN/AN/ADec-17
Induction of Regulatory t Cells by Low Dose il2 in Autoimmune and Inflammatory DiseasesDrug: Interleukin 2Phase 2RecruitingFrance10Jan-17
UCB Proof of Concept Study in Patients With Primary Sjogren's SyndromeDrug: UCB5857|Drug: PlaceboPhase 2RecruitingEurope19Mar-17
A Phase II Study With Low-dose Recombinant Human IL-2 for the Treatment of Primary Sj̦gren's SyndromeDrug: hrIL-2 active|Drug: hrIL-2 placeboPhase 2RecruitingChina1Jun-16
A Study to Assess the Efficacy of RO5459072 in Participants With Primary Sjogren's SyndromeDrug: Matching Placebo|Drug: RO5459072Phase 2RecruitingUSA, Europe32Jun-17
Safety and Efficacy Study of Filgotinib, GS-9876 and Tirabrutinib in Adults With Active Sjogren's SyndromeDrug: Filgotinib
Drug: GS-9876
Drug: Tirabrutinib
Drug: Filgotinib placebo
Drug: GS-9876 placebo
Drug: Tirabrutinib placebo
Phase 2Not yet recruitingN/AN/AMay-19
Safety and Efficacy of VAY736 in Patients With Primary Sjogren's Syndrome (pSS)Biological: VAY736|Other: PlaceboPhase 2Not yet recruitingUSA, Europe4Sep-19
An 8-week Study to Evaluate Safety and Efficacy of Recombinant Human Nerve Growth Factor (rhNGF) Eye Drops Solution Versus Vehicle in Patients With Dry EyeDrug: NGF
Other: Vehicle
Phase 2RecruitingUSA1Sep-17
Acupuncture for Primary Sj̦gren SyndromeDevice: acupuncture group|Device: Sham Acupuncture groupPhase 2Not yet recruitingChina1Mar-17
Modulation of Immunity-related Gene Expression Under the Chinese Herbal Formula SS-1 Treatment for Sj̦gren's SyndromeDrug: SS-1|Drug: PlaceboPhase 2RecruitingTaiwan2Oct-16
Proof of Concept Study to Evaluate the Efficacy and Safety of BMS-931699 (Lulizumab) or BMS-986142 in Primary Sj̦gren's SyndromeDrug: BMS-931699|Drug: BMS-986142|Drug: PlaceboPhase 2RecruitingWorldwide40Sep-18
Evaluation of the Efficacy and the Mechanism of Chinese Herbal Formula SS-1 for Sj̦gren's SyndromeDrug: SS-1|Drug: PlaceboPhase 2RecruitingTaiwan1Jul-16
DNase Treatment for Dry EyesDrug: DNase|Drug: VehiclePhase 1|Phase 2RecruitingUSA1Mar-17
Blood Based Eyedrops From Different Sources in the Treatment of Severe KeratopathyOther: CBS eyedrops
Other: PBS eyedrops
Phase 1|Phase 2RecruitingItaly3Sep-17
Tear Solutions topical synthetic peptide treatment for dry eyeDrug: LacripepPhase 1|Phase 2RecruitingUSA27
Study of Iguratimod in Sj̦gren's SyndromeDrug: IguratimodPhase 1|Phase 2RecruitingChina1Feb-18
A Study of LY3090106 in Participants With Sj̦gren's Syndrome (SS)Drug: LY3090106|Drug: PlaceboPhase 1RecruitingUSA, Europe7Sep-17
A PH I Pilot Imaging Study to Evaluate Molecular Imaging Methods in HVs and pSS PtsRadiation: 18F-FDG PET/CT Imaging|Radiation: 11C-MET PET/CT Imaging|Procedure: MRI Imaging with intravenous contrast with gadoterate meglumine|Procedure: Minor Salivary gland (labial) biopsyPhase 1RecruitingUK3Aug-17
A Phase 1 Study of MEDI7734 in Type I Interferon-Mediated Autoimmune DiseasesBiological: MEDI7734|Biological: PlaceboPhase 1RecruitingUSA7Nov-17
the Effect of HCG Treatment as a Cardiovascular Disease Morbidity Factor in Sjogren Syndrome PatientsOther: Retrospective studyNot yet recruitingN/AN/AApr-16
Characterization of Diseases With Salivary Gland InvolvementObservationalRecruitingUSA11-Jan-25
Early Detection of Pulmonary- and Pulmonary Vascular Disease in Sj̦gren SyndromeObservationalRecruitingAustria1Oct-17
Implantology and Sj̦gren's SyndromeDevice: Biohorizons Laser-lok bonelevel dental implantsRecruitingNetherlands5May-18
The Research Registry for Neonatal LupusOther: No intervention; observationalRecruitingUSA1Jan-20
Exercise in Sjogren, Myositis and Takayasu's ArteritisOther: Exercise trainingRecruitingBrazil1Jul-16
LAMELLEYE for the Treatment of Dry Eye Symptoms in pSS PatientsDevice: LAMELLEYE
Not yet recruitingN/AN/AJan-18
Endoscopic Treatment of Salivary Glands Affected by Sj̦gren's SyndromeProcedure: Sialoendoscopy|Drug: saline|Drug: hydrocortisoneRecruitingNetherlands1Dec-16
Prospective Maternal Surveillance of SSA (Sj̦gren Syndrome A) Positive Pregnancies Using a Hand-held Fetal Heart Rate MonitorObservationalRecruitingUSA1Dec-20
Rare Disease Patient Registry & Natural History Study - Coordination of Rare Diseases at SanfordObservationalRecruitingUSA1Dec-00
Pregnancy and Medically Assisted Conception in Rare DiseasesObservationalRecruitingFrance1Jun-19
Ultrasound Elastography of Salivary GlandsObservationalRecruitingFrance1Aug-17
The ASSESS National Multi-center Prospective CohortOther: No interventionRecruitingFrance1Sep-30
The Pathogenesis and Natural History of Sjogren s SyndromeObservationalRecruitingUSA1null
Duke Autoimmunity in Pregnancy RegistryObservationalRecruitingUSA1Dec-17
Primary Sj̦gren SyndromeOther: skin biopsyRecruitingFrance7Sep-16
Autoreactive Anti-Ro/SSA IgE To Determine Primary Sj̦gRen's Syndrome's Disease ActivityOther: Blood samplesNot yet recruitingFrance5Jun-24
Exploring Immune Cell Signatures in Autoimmunity and Dry Eye SyndromeOther: Cross-sectional studyRecruitingSingapore1Apr-17
A Study of Flt3-Ligand Levels in Sj̦grens SyndromeObservationalRecruitingSweden1Jun-17
Be the Bridge Between Researchers and a Cure (GVHD, ALS, Hepatitis B, Alzheimer's Disease, Leukemia, and More)ObservationalRecruitingUSA1Aug-20
Regulatory B Cells in Inflammatory Rheumatisms and Biomarkers of Response to Biologic TreatmentsObservationalRecruitingFrance1Jul-16


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