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Sjogren’s Syndrome diagnosis, seronegativity, and the CFS/ME/fibromyalgia dumping ground

I’ve seen a lot of discussion in online forums asking if someone with negative tests actually has SS. One one hand, no one wants to be misdiagnosed. If, for example, a patient’s symptoms are actually caused by hypothyroidism, they will

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Personal Sjogren’s Syndrome Treatment Update – September 2016

It’s been months since I posted about my own treatment, so I’ve decided to post an update. I’ve also updated my treatment regimen. I will outline the updates below: Helminthic Therapy I last posted a detailed update in January. In terms of

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Helminthic Therapy for Sjogren’s Syndrome – 10.5 month update

I was thinking to wait for the full year, but I’ve had some requests for an update on my helminthic therapy results. A reminder of previous events: February 2015 – decided to order NA (necator americanus, aka hookworms) March 2015 – first

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Hookworm dose three for Sjogren’s Syndrome, now with HDC

I inoculated with my third dose of 40 hookworms two weeks ago. Assuming that all of my necator americanus survived, that brings my total to 125 (35+50+40). I went with a slightly lower dose than last time, due to some unpleasant

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Helminthic therapy dose 2 – now with 40% more worms!

Earlier this week, I received my second dose of hookworms. My initial dose, taken 3 months ago, was 35 worms. This dose was 50, basically the upper limit of what is recommended by most providers. It arrived on a Monday,

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Helminthic Therapy for Sjogren’s Syndrome – 1 month update

It’s been a month since I began hookworm treatment. So far things have been fairly quiet. I have been told that most people who experience strong side effects do so within the first 3 or 4 weeks, so that bodes

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Helminthic Therapy, Day 1

The day after inoculation has been fairly low-key. I haven’t noticed any real effects, except a small rash. It is only mildly itchy, similar to a mosquito bite. I’ve read that the worst side effects tend to occur between days 4

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The hookworms have arrived

I checked my mail today and found a package containing my hookworms and administration tools.   The application was fairly simple using the supplied bandage. After 5 or 10 minutes, I felt some itching, but the itching only lasted about

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Trying helminthic therapy for Sjogren’s Syndrome

As readers of this site might know, I take a great interest in potential treatments for SS. This includes experimental treatments, and one treatment that I have covered elsewhere on the site is helminthic therapy. For those who haven’t read

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