Commenting Guidelines

Posts on the site support user comments through Disqus. All comments will be reviewed and approved based on the guidelines below.

Comments can

  • Ask questions.
  • Add relevant facts, studies, or personal experiences.
  • Express emotions, as long as the practices below are avoided.
  • Express disagreement in a polite and constructive way.

Comments cannot

  • Attack this site, its author, or other commenters.
  • Be written in a tone that is hostile, rude, or contains excessive profanity.
  • Link to sites that contain malware, pornography, or promote unacceptable activities.
  • Written as a way which strongly markets a specific product. It is understood that treatments like Plaquenil or Restasis may be discussed, but generic supplements (e.g. vitamins, fish oil, etc) should not include links to specific brands. To be safe, any discussion of products which treat SS should be as generic as possible.

The author of this site reserves the right to approve or not approve any comments, but will generally abide by the guidelines above.

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