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Sjogren’s Syndrome Foundation cuts diagnosis time in half and the positive impact on existing patients

SS patients know well the difficulty of obtaining a diagnosis. The symptoms of SS are often ascribed to other maladies, side effects, or natural aging. The diversity of symptoms means that many doctors, dentists, optometrists, and specialists see only part

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Sjogren’s Syndrome diagnosis, seronegativity, and the CFS/ME/fibromyalgia dumping ground

I’ve seen a lot of discussion in online forums asking if someone with negative tests actually has SS. One one hand, no one wants to be misdiagnosed. If, for example, a patient’s symptoms are actually caused by hypothyroidism, they will

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New Sjogren’s Syndrome diagnostic criteria are coming

Sjogren’s Syndrome is a difficult illness to diagnose. As a result, the diagnostic criteria have changed several times. Under the current American-European Consensus Sjögren’s Classification Criteria, a patient is considered to have SS if they have ocular symptoms and oral symptoms,

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“This Changes Everything” – important Sjogren’s Syndrome findings from John Hopkins

The Winter edition of LEAP, a publication published by the John Hopkin’s School of Medicine’s Division of Rheumatology, has some very important news. Under the article heading “This Changes Everything”: Two people with Sjögren’s syndrome can have identical symptoms, and

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“Under the Radar” – well-written article by Sjogren’s patient Dr. Sarah Schafer, M.D.

Many of us have essentially been dismissed by doctors in the past, so it is with great interest that I read this article written by a medical doctor who suffered through many of the same trials trying to get a

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