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Another dry eye treatment, Elate by Cambium, cleared for phase 1/2 trials

It has been nearly 15 years since Restasis was approved to treat dry eyes. SS patients had to make due with Restasis until last year when Xiidra was approved. The floodgates seemed to have opened, as a variety of dry eye

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Small study finds vagus nerve stimulation reduces fatigue in Sjogren’s Syndrome

Fatigue may well be the most challenging symptom of Sjogren’s Syndrome, or any chronic illness, to treat. It’s pervasive, largely invisible, and has a significant negative impact on the lives of SS patients. So when I see a study, even

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RSLV-132 – Another Sjogren’s Syndrome treatment enters clinical trials

I try to track new entries on, and a few weeks ago I noticed a new entry in the SS space; a phase 2 trial for a new drug labeled RSLV-132 in the United Kingdom. The company sponsoring the trial, Resolve

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Comment Guidelines and Treatment Updates

Hi everyone. I’ve had a busy and tiring summer, so I’m afraid that I haven’t been posting as much as usual, and responding to emails more slowly. Hopefully that will change going forward. I plan to add some new posts in

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Trying Xiidra with Restasis for Sjogren’s Syndrome

My first Sjogren’s Syndrome treatment, Restasis, was originally prescribed by my optometrist before I even knew what SS was. In general, I have had a very positive experience with Restasis; unlike many SS patients, I did not experience the burning

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Cannabis study finds high doses of CBD oil needed for inflammation relief

Regular readers may remember that I have been trying CBD oil for its supposed benefits for inflammation relief. In a previous post, I mentioned that a Medscape article discussed high-dose treatment for autoimmune disorders of 150 mg-600 mg per day.

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Lamelleye and Lacripep enter clinical trials, adding more eye drop options for Sjogren’s Syndrome patients

Sjogren’s Syndrome patients are experiencing a growing number of options for treating dry eyes. Restasis (Ciclosporin) was the first, and a treatment with which I’ve found some success. Xiidra (Lifitegrast) was approved just last year, and while it is an eye

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New Sjogren’s Syndrome Clinical Trial: Filgotinib, GS-9876 and Tirabrutinib

It’s Sjogren’s Syndrome Awareness month, and I’m very behind on posting. To get started, I thought I would note a new clinical trial that appeared at the end of March: Safety and Efficacy Study of Filgotinib, GS-9876 and Tirabrutinib in Adults

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New Sjogren’s Syndrome Clinical Trial List and Overview

As my readers may have noticed, I’m very interested in clinical trials relating to Sjogren’s Syndrome. Unfortunately, the main source of clinical trial information,, can be difficult to navigate. I have yet to find a site that gives an

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The Gut Microbiome and Autoimmunity

Two studies came out last month that I bookmarked as a potential blog topic. If you have reviewed my treatment regimen or the related blog posts, you know that I have focused several of my treatments on the gut. In

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