Personal Sjogren’s Syndrome Treatment Update – September 2016

It’s been months since I posted about my own treatment, so I’ve decided to post an update. I’ve also updated my treatment regimen. I will outline the updates below:

Helminthic Therapy

  • I last posted a detailed update in January. In terms of effectiveness, not a lot has changed.
  • I still believe that HT has been the most useful treatment, helping reduce most of my symptoms, particularly flares.
  • I took a top-up dose of 25 necator americanus earlier this summer. I did not notice any major effects.
  • I am considering trying HDC again.

Low-dose Naltrexone

  • I began LDN earlier this year. I began at 1 mg/day, moving up to 4mg/day.
  • I believe that LDN had a small positive effect on my sleep and perhaps my energy.
  • Unfortunately, in July I started having some dizzy spells. I reduced my dosage, but still had some dizzy spells.
  • I stopped taking LDN in August. It seems like the dizzy spells have mostly retreated, but I’m giving it a little more time.


  • The major changes I’ve made to supplements involve vitamin D.
  • There is growing evidence that additional vitamin D supplementation is helpful for those with autoimmune diseases. While I am not ready to attempt the full Coimbra Protocol, I have upped my consumption of vitamin D3 to 15,000 IUs daily.
  • To go along with this, I have added vitamin K2 to my daily supplements. Vitamin K is believed to be an important part of reducing vitamin D toxicity.
  • I haven’t noticed any changes, good or bad, from the collagen cocktail that Chris posted earlier this spring. I plan to continue using it until my current supply runs out, then re-evaluate.


  • I’ve maintained my close-to Perfect Health Diet. Added a small amount of cheese to test, but otherwise still avoiding dairy.
  • Been able to bike most days, with a few aches in the morning.
  • Sleep has been fairly stable. Only waking up once most nights.

Otherwise, I am maintaining the treatment protocol that I have outlined. Feel free to leave questions in the comments.

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