So many new treatment protocols (Coimbra and Modified Hannah Yoseph)

I have a serious backlog of posts that I need to deal with right now. The Sjogren’s World forums have been buzzing with a couple new treatment protocols: Chris’s modified Hannah Yoseph Protocol that I mentioned in a previous post, and the Coimbra Protocol from a neurologist in Brazil.

I have recently started Chris’s protocol, as you can see on my updated treatment regimen page. Essentially, I have been adding 5 different powdered supplements to my morning smoothie, as Chris has recommended. I did reduce the dose of ascorbic acid by about half. I also added Magnesium to my supplement list (which is growing alarmingly quickly). While there isn’t a lot of solid evidence for the protocol, the cost and risks are low. Essentially about $150 for the supplements and the small amount of time it takes to mix them into my morning smoothie. My plan is to run it for my current supply of supplements, which should last several month, and see if I notice positive results. Of course, I will report back.

The Coimbra Protocol is quite interesting. In short, it involves taking high doses of Vitamin D3: 1,000 IU per kilogram of body weight. That is far beyond the usual recommendation of 2,000-5,000 IU per day (which is what I currently take). Dr. Coimbra claims a 95% success rate across autoimmune diseases, though multiple sclerosis is his specialty and most of his case studies. The science behind the protocol is a bit light, but there is a known association between vitamin D and immune system regulation. Because vitamin D overdose is a real concern (leading to elevated calcium levels in particular), I would not advise anyone to try this protocol without the support of a medical professional who can monitor blood work regularly. I do plan to speak to my rheumatologist this month about the protocol though. If I am unsatisfied with the results of Chris’s protocol, I may give the Coimbra Protocol a try.

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