A Sjogren’s patient finds success with diet and collagens

Over on the Sjogren’s World Forums, a user named Chris posted a link to his blog, where he detailed his multi-year journey to find relief from his SS symptoms. Trying various diets, supplements (including LDN), and protocols, Chris seems to have finally reduced his symptoms to the point where they rarely bother him. How did he do this?

So what was the key factor in my recovery?  I think it was the collagen cocktail, although there is a strong possibility that the anti-candida diet cleared my gut of yeast and the collagen cocktail and L-Glutamine were finally able to heal the gut lining once the candida was eliminated.  Frankly I am not 100% sure what it was, but I hope to help others try some of these protocols and maybe see if it works for them.

I will be reviewing his collagen cocktail and likely trying at least part of it myself, as well as possibly tweaking my own diet. I will let readers know what results I find. I certainly appreciate Chris’s detailed write-up of his own struggles, as most of us have tried a variety of treatments, with mixed success. While Chris’s protocol will likely not work for all SS patients, by sharing his story, he opens the door for at least some people to find relief. Thanks for the write-up Chris; I will give at least some of your protocol a try.

Disclaimer: It was pointed out to me that the blog post does link to a treatment page that sells supplements and books. While this is not necessarily bad, there is some controversy around the particular treatment. I am not endorsing any treatment that I haven’t personally found to be successful. Readers should do their own due diligence before making any purchases.

Update: The blog seems to be down. Here is a static copy of the post.

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