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Tips for finding a good rheumatologist (or any other doctor)

This question has come up on two different online communities that I’m a member of, so I thought I would share the information from my posts here. While I am focussing on rheumatologists, since they are the most important doctor

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New Sjogren’s Syndrome clinical trial: RO5459072 (Cathepsin S Inhibitor)

I try to keep an eye on new clinical trials, and recently a new phase 2 trial has popped up. The drug is labeled RO5459072, and Google-fu has turned up a little information: It is a Cathepsin S inhibitor, not a biologic drug. It

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A Sjogren’s patient finds success with diet and collagens

Over on the Sjogren’s World Forums, a user named Chris posted a link to his blog, where he detailed his multi-year journey to find relief from his SS symptoms. Trying various diets, supplements (including LDN), and protocols, Chris seems to

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The good and bad of the online Sjogren’s Syndrome community

I try to avoid writing about my own frustrations, but over the past week, I have had a couple frustrating experiences with members of the online Sjogren’s Syndrome community: A member of an online forum, completely out of the blue, sent me

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I’ve finally assembled my personal treatment regimen for Sjogren’s Syndrome

It’s been a while since I posted, and it has occurred to me that I have yet to create a comprehensive space for my full treatment regimen. Instead, there are bits and pieces scattered throughout the site. To rectify that

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