Ubiquinol and low-dose Naltrexone for Sjogren’s Syndrome

I’m always willing to explore new treatments as long as they have some relevant evidence to back them up. Recently, I’ve decided to try two new treatments: Ubiquinol and low-dose Naltreone.

I learned about Ubiquinol through a forum post. It is a naturally occurring enzyme that we get in small doses through our food. It is classified as a supplement, and as such it can be purchased over the counter. I didn’t find a lot of solid evidence linking SS with Ubiquinol, but it was cheap, had no real side effects, and several of the forum members noted reduced dryness, increased saliva, and reduced fatigue, so I figured that I had little to lose by trying it. I have been using it for about a week (200 mg). Over the past couple weeks, I have been coming off of a flare, and while my saliva production has increased, it’s hard to tell if it is part of the natural cycle or a result of the Ubiquinol. I will certainly continue using it until my bottle runs out though, as there are indications that it may have helped.

Low-dose Naltrexone, or LDN, is a treatment that I considered a year ago, though I ultimately decided to give helminthic therapy a try due to a larger amount of evidence for it. However, now that I’m nearing the end of my HT dosing, I’m again looking to LDN as a treatment option. Naltrexone is a generic medication that is normally prescribed for alcohol or opioid addiction, but there is reasonable evidence for it helping to moderate the immune system, from recent web articles to published studies on PubMed. Naltrexone requires a prescription, but can also be ordered online from other countries. It typically comes in 50 mg tablets, which are dissolved in 50 ml of distilled water. Doses usually begin around 2 ml and increase gradually to 5 ml or more. I just took my first 2 ml dose, so wish me luck!

As usual, I will report any results from my time as a human test subject.

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