Hookworm dose three for Sjogren’s Syndrome, now with HDC

I inoculated with my third dose of 40 hookworms two weeks ago. Assuming that all of my necator americanus survived, that brings my total to 125 (35+50+40). I went with a slightly lower dose than last time, due to some unpleasant side effects in the first 24 hours.

This time, the rash was a little worse than previously, more elevated with some crusting. I also had more significant itching, though Benedryl kept it at tolerable levels. Once again, I went into a little bit of a flare several days after inoculating, which lasted a couple days.

The twist this time is that I had taken a dose of 30 Hymenolepis diminuta cysticercoids, the larval stage of the rat tapeworm. It is similar to the better studied Trichuris suis ova or TSO (pig whipworm) in that it is a non-human helminth that usually does not survive in humans. Like TSO, it is taken orally, and needs to be dosed regularly (every 2-3 weeks seems the most common).

I was inspired after reading “Overcoming Evolutionary Mismatch by Self-Treatment with Helminths: Current Practices and Experienc“, a study in the Journal of Evolutionary Medicine which deserves its own blog entry. In it, helminthic therapy patients reported significantly higher rates of success with combination therapy with HDC and hookworms. As HCD can be obtained at a significantly lower price than TSO, I thought I would give it a try.

I began by ordering a small dose of 10 larva. I consumed them, and didn’t really notice any changes, good or bad, so I decided to order a more normal dose of 30 HDC. Taking those caused very mild stomach upset, but as a flare followed shortly after, I suspect that they did aggravate my immune system. One week later, my dose of hookworms arrived, so I have held off on any additional HDC while my system settles.

While I’m still waiting on any overall major improvements to health (May, 2 months in, remains my best month), I will likely try to dose HDC again in the future.

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