A informative article on Venus Williams

It’s not exactly a huge media outlet, but Tech Insider has a well-written article on Venus William’s struggle with Sjogren’s Syndrome. From the article:

“Williams went through a series of misdiagnoses for years, The New York Times reported. Sjogren’s is difficult to pinpoint since it has so many seemingly unrelated symptoms that could also be caused by a whole host of other diseases, including rheumatoid arthritis and exercise-induced asthma.”

Unlike most articles concerning Venus’ Sjogren’s Syndrome, this article provides significant depth and accurate information. For example, many articles insinuate that a vegan diet can hold the disease in check, but the article notes the lack of science around treatments:

Williams told CNN last year that she switched to a vegan diet and started a new exercise regime to help her overcome the syndrome, but there’s no hard evidence that such interventions work. (So far, clinical trials have yet to yield any effective treatments for the syndrome as a whole.)

I encourage you to read the full article; it’s short and worth the quick read.

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