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Gene found that shows a threefold increase in Sjogren’s Syndrome lymphoma

Sjogren’s Syndrome can cause dry eyes, dry mouth, fatigue, aches, and a host of other issues, but the most feared may be the link between SS and lymphoma. According to a 2014 study, “The lifetime risk in the general population by age

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Hookworm dose three for Sjogren’s Syndrome, now with HDC

I inoculated with my third dose of 40 hookworms two weeks ago. Assuming that all of my necator americanus survived, that brings my total to 125 (35+50+40). I went with a slightly lower dose than last time, due to some unpleasant

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A informative article on Venus Williams

It’s not exactly a huge media outlet, but Tech Insider has a well-written article on Venus William’s struggle with Sjogren’s Syndrome. From the article: “Williams went through a series of misdiagnoses for years, The New York Times reported. Sjogren’s is difficult to

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