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World Trade Center first responders see increased risk for auto-immune diseases

If you believe that one cause of our increase in autoimmune incidence is various building chemicals and toxins, a new study has just given you more ammunition. From MedPage Today The conditional odds ratio for autoimmune diseases rose by 13% for

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Green tea lozenges shown to significantly reduce dry mouth

Information about this study came out last year, but they only recently closed the study and posted results to The lozenges are being marketed by a company called Camellix, which published a summary of the results last year. Researchers

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The connection between salt intake and autoimmune diseases

It is not a new theory, but The Guardian has a new article highlighting research that links increased sodium intake with a rise in autoimmune diseases. It is a known fact that autoimmune disease incidence is much higher in the developed

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Helminthic Therapy, Day 1

The day after inoculation has been fairly low-key. I haven’t noticed any real effects, except a small rash. It is only mildly itchy, similar to a mosquito bite. I’ve read that the worst side effects tend to occur between days 4

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The hookworms have arrived

I checked my mail today and found a package containing my hookworms and administration tools.   The application was fairly simple using the supplied bandage. After 5 or 10 minutes, I felt some itching, but the itching only lasted about

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