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Promising diabetes treatment offers hope for SS sufferers

While it is great to see more biologics and traditional drugs enter the market, it is this kind of research that really gets me excited: Now researchers at the University of California and Yale have shown that the ‘T-regs’ can

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Two more Sjogren’s Syndrome drugs enter clinical trials

After some new biologics entered clinical trials at the beginning of the year, things have been quiet on the clinical testing front. That has just changed, as two new investigative drugs have entered the market: UCB5857 and LY3090106. LY3090106 first appeared in a phase 1 clinical

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Thanksgiving for patients with chronic health issues

It’s been a while since I posted; I’ve had a number of life changes and travel over the past month that have kept me busy. I do have some interesting new research, so look for that in a future post.

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More medical visits: fun with eyes & teeth

So I’ve had a couple interesting medical visits over the past week. First, I saw my optometrist for my annual checkup. In terms of vision, my eyes haven’t really changed, though I have a follow-up for the full Plaquenil screening (which

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Gene found that shows a threefold increase in Sjogren’s Syndrome lymphoma

Sjogren’s Syndrome can cause dry eyes, dry mouth, fatigue, aches, and a host of other issues, but the most feared may be the link between SS and lymphoma. According to a 2014 study, “The lifetime risk in the general population by age

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Hookworm dose three for Sjogren’s Syndrome, now with HDC

I inoculated with my third dose of 40 hookworms two weeks ago. Assuming that all of my necator americanus survived, that brings my total to 125 (35+50+40). I went with a slightly lower dose than last time, due to some unpleasant

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A informative article on Venus Williams

It’s not exactly a huge media outlet, but Tech Insider has a well-written article on Venus William’s struggle with Sjogren’s Syndrome. From the article: “Williams went through a series of misdiagnoses for years, The New York Times reported. Sjogren’s is difficult to

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Plaquenil toxicity and lowering dosage

Plaquenil (generic name hydroxychloroquine) is one of the few medications that is regularly prescribed for Sjogren’s Syndrome, despite the fact that it has not been approved for SS by the FDA, so any use is off-label. While clinical trials for it’s

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Promising salivary gland research

A quick update – I’ve had some big life changes over the past month, which have largely been responsible for the dearth of posts. Hopefully things will be settling down and my energy levels will be going up. Researchers at

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Another exciting clinical trial (BCG vaccine)

This trial is of personal interest to me. Back in 2013, my early research had led to to the lab of Dr. Denise Faustman. Dr. Faustman has been pushing her theory that an old tuberculosis vaccine can treat and possibly

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